Meguiar's Supreme Shine Drying Towel

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Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Drying Towel is super absorbent 1000gsm microfibre, specifically designed to safely and quickly dry your car. It’s thick, plush, premium-grade microfibre pile lifts and safely traps any residual grime within the fibres, rather than dragging it across your paint surface. This defends against the introduction of those annoying fine swirls and scratches that can occur when using an ordinary chamois or thin microfibre cloths. Measuring a jumbo 700mm x 400mm, it’s also super absorbent, rapidly soaking up water for faster, more efficient drying.

If you hate micro-scratches or fine swirls, you’ll love our Supreme Shine Drying Towel. It will dry an entire large car without the need to be wrung out. So, if speed and ease is your thing, you’ll love Meguiar's luxurious Supreme Shine Drying Towel.



  • Plush and super soft to protect against dirt-drag causing swirl marks
  • Thick and large to soak up water like nothing else can
  • Perfect size for handling even when loaded with water
  • Jumbo sized: 700mm x 400mm